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Welcome to Domestic Flights South Africa! We provide cheap flights to a variety of fantastic locations both within South Africa and around the world. Our unique booking system allows you to book flights, accommodation as well as car hire at the click of a button. No more travel planning hassles!

You won’t ever need to step into a travel agent again. Domestic Flights South Africa allows you to be your own travel agent. All you need to do is input your travel requirements on the left-hand side of this page. Select the option you require – be it flights, car hire or accommodation (as per the icon indicated on our booking system). We’ll instantly provide you with a thorough list of all available options, from cheapest to most expensive. This will allow you to compare travel options and easily make a selection.


• Domestic and international flights
• Car hire around the world
• Accommodation around the world


• We offer the cheapest prices on the net sourced directly from our travel suppliers.
• Our system has the functionality to book all your travel needs (flights, accommodation and car hire) from one location.
• Our online booking system is very easy to use and has incredible functionality.
• Bookings can be made instantly and at the click of a button.
• We provide exceptional customer service available during working hours.
• We are dedicated to the content of our website and the updating thereof – we’ve got our finger on the button!
• We work in collaboration with multiple travel providers both locally and abroad to ensure you obtain the cheapest flight fares.


Our booking system is available on the left-hand side of this page. All you need to do is follow these easy steps in order to make your booking:

• Select your travel requirement as indicated by the icons (flights, accommodation or car hire).
• Fill out your travel requirements as thoroughly as possible.
• Once complete, click ‘Search’ at the bottom of the booking system.
• You’ll be presented with a list of available flights, accommodation or cars (depending on the nature of your search).
• Choose the result that appeals to you the most and ensure all information provided is accurate.
• Follow the steps to view your detailed itinerary.
• Finally, confirm and proceed with the booking ensuring that all personal details and credit card details are correct.

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