10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

Like everything in life, if you want a quality experience then you need to move at a slower pace. The slow movement has taken off in the culinary arts whereby foodies across the world are changing their ways and opting for a slower, more natural and organic manner of cooking and eating. This fascinating way of life and shift in thinking has spread from the food industry into other areas including travel.

Here are 10 reasons to love the slow travel movement and why you should consider embracing this way of life as a traveller:

10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

1.    You Can Relax!

Slow travel fosters a more relaxed kind of travel. You are not encouraged to see ten countries in ten days. Instead you are encouraged to see one country in ten days or even one city over the course of a holiday.

2.    You Can See Things Through the Eyes of a Local

10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

One of the best things about slow travel is that you really get to immerse yourself in a local experience and see things through the eyes of a local. You are encouraged to wine and dine with locals, take it easy, stroll in the area as opposed to running from pillar to post, snapping a hundred photographs and forgetting every single thing you saw. This local way of life is what makes slow travel relaxing but also fascinating!

3.    A Lower Blood Pressure Of Course!

Slow travel has many health benefits. Why on earth would you work so hard during the year only to get completely stressed out during your vacation too? Opting for slow travel means lowering your blood pressure by enjoying travel in a slower and more meaningful manner.

4.    Enjoy Life’s Little Pleasures

One of my favourite moments when travelling in France was sitting in a little coffee shop observing locals, indulging in fabulous coffee and a traditional baguette! Sitting down, taking your time and absorbing your surroundings makes for a much more pleasurable travelling experience.

10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

5.    Make Valuable Friendships

Travelling at a slower pace means it will be easier for you to make more meaningful friendships with other travellers and also with locals.

10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

6.    It’s a Much Cheaper Option

Often slow travel allows you to save much more money and immerse yourself in a place as though you were a local. You won’t need to pay for flights to jet off here, there and everywhere. Accommodation may also be cheaper since you’ll be staying put in one place and you may obtain a cheaper rate per night. You will also save on tours as you’ll be travelling according to your own desires and at your own pace and you won’t need to splurge on expensive tours when you can do it all yourself in a slower, more relaxed manner.

7.    Your Experience is Everything

10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

The beauty of slow travel is that you really get to experience a place instead of just seeing the major sights in the area. You get to experience life as though you were living there permanently and you get to really see the place for what it is. You’re not sightseeing – you’re experiencing.

8.    You Can Be More Spontaneous

No more strict itineraries since you have time enough to do all the things you want to do and also time enough to get lost in a place, be spontaneous and really live a little. So move away from the structure of your travel guide and really explore!

9.    You’re Doing Your Bit for the Environment

Slow travel is a much more ethical way in which to see the world since you cut back on fuel costs and other energy consumption and hence contribute to a better earth for us all.

10.     You Gain Greater Insight and Understanding

10 Reasons To Love the Slow Travel Movement

Slow travellers see much more and understand a place much more than tourists. Tourists will often tell you ‘don’t do this…’ or ‘do this and this and this’…Slow travellers don’t need to listen to tourists because tourists often go to a place for a few days and think they really know the place. Slow travellers have a much greater understanding of the people in the area, the way of life and the culture.

Ultimately, slow travel allows you to have a much stronger connection to the destination you are visiting. It is a much more holistic and stress-free manner in which to travel. So if you want to add more meaning to your life and to the manner in which you travel, try it out – you won’t be disappointed!

Can you think of any other reasons to love the slow travel movement? Tell us in the comments below. 

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